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Since 1912, Appleson Press’ primary commitment to our customers is to be flexible and responsive to their needs and most importantly increase their company’s brand recognition. We are one of the oldest and most experienced label manufacturers in the country.

We combine expert craftsmanship, sophisticated techniques, and rigid quality control procedures to ensure that every project is done to your company’s exact specification.

Our primary product is pressure sensitive adhesive labels: production varies from the basic one color paper label to multi-color decorations on paper, foil and plastic label stock. Appleson Press is capable of a wide range of graphic effects that are achieved through printing and embossing, hot leaf stamping, creating highly embossed foil and printed labels and tags. We offer a wide variety of film laminates and coatings utilized for protection and to enhance the appearance of your labels and promote brand awareness.

Our skilled consultants (former pressmen) build strong and trusted relationships and work closely with all of our clients. We ensure that your experience with our company is not only positive, but also beneficial to strengthening your business. With many decades of experience in manufacturing custom pressure sensitive labels for all spectrums of industry, Appleson Press is confident that whatever your labeling requirements and needs may be, that we can assist you in a professional, convenient and timely fashion.

Give us the opportunity to be your single-source provider for unique, customized labels…You won’t be sorry you did!

Labels | Barcode | Bumper Stickers | Consecutive Numbered | Custom Business Forms | Custom Pressure Sensitive
Durable/Weather Proof | Plastic & Metal Labels | Asset Control Labels | Hot Stamp Labels | Medical & Pharm
Process Color | Product Identification | Tamper Proof & Security | UL/CSA Labels | Video/Audio/Diskette
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