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Create your own unique label using our custom capabilities. Our full service team is available to help you customize your solution from the menus below.

The face stock is the top layer of a pressure sensitive label. It comes in film, foil and other materials. We have over 140 stocks in inventory and if we do not have what you need our Technical Service team can special order the correct material.

Our Customer Service Team can help you identify the best stock to use for your application and forward a sample for testing.



Adhesives come in two broad categories - permanent and removable. However, even some removable adhesives become permanent over time. Not all adhesives bond well to all surfaces. Our Customer Service Team can work with you to identify the correct adhesive for your application and even send a sample for testing.

Some Questions to consider:
Extensive usage? Indoor/Outdoor?
Sun exposure? Chemical exposure?
Abrasion? Temperature? Substrate?
Plastic / metal / cloth / brick / organic application?
We also produce non-adhesive products.

Polyester, Polypropylene and Matte Acetate
U.V., Matte, Scuff Resistant and Alcohol Resistant

Your label can be any shape you desire. We have over 7,500 dies in inventory. If we don't have the one you need, another one can be custom made. Our inventory consists of round cornered rectangles and squares, circles, ovals and numerous special shapes. Special shapes include bottleneck labels, anniversary seals, starbursts, leaves, arrows and even a boot!. Our Customer Service Team can help you find a die to match your shape or help create your own.

Flexography - a printing method that utilizes flexible raised plates affixed to rotary cylinders which are inked with fast drying inks from an anilox roll and the plate comes in contact with the printing surface.
Hot Stamp - This method uses heat and pressure to bond the imprint film to the face stock - giving a very upscale appearance.
Hot Stamp/Flexo Combination - Both printing processes used on one label.
Offset - A printing method using an indirect image transfer. The image is transferred from a plate to a blanket which comes in contact with the printing substrate. Our imprinted laser sheets utilize this method of printing.

20 Standard Colors Color Matching Four Color Process
Most of the inks used today are transparent water based inks. The color appears to be affected by the color of the facestock it is applied to.

The typestyle you choose can say a lot about your product or service. Determine the purpose of the label to help you decide on the typeface. Choose from the entire Adobe font library. Most typefaces are available in Italic, Bold, Bold Italic or Condensed. There is no charge for Curved Type.

The following applications accepted in both Macintosh and PC platforms:
FreeHand Illustrator PageMaker Photoshop QuarkXpress CorelDraw

Art proofs are available.
Rolls Fanfolded Sheeted Dispenser Boxing

QUANTITIES: From 1,000 to millions

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