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UL labels, CSA approved, tractor pin feed decals
Requirements from UL969, CSA 22.2 and UL/CSA 950/1950 can be complex and expensive to implement. Our experience with these requirements, and our broad array of UL/CSA offerings, lets engineers choose from a variety of competing alternatives.

Various Symbols

Appleson Press through its Printer Agreement, can print any of the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) logos referred to as "The Mark". The Mark can be printed on any pressure sensitive label material as long as it complies with your UL material requirements.

We have passed stringent testing to become "Recognized" as an approved source by UL to produce labels on a wide variety of materials.

All materials can also be press-printed in up to six colors of static information. All PMS colors are available and are approved for indoor use, and for outdoor use we use only special fade resistant black, red and blue inks. Most materials can also be laminated with durable clear film for extra protection.

Our UL constructions have been approved for application to a large variety of materials including:
Metals- Aluminum, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel
Coatings- Acrylic Paint, Alkyd Paint, Polyester Paint and Porcelain
Plastics- Nylon, Melamine, Phenolic, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene, Polypropylene and ABS

We can meet and exceed your toughest UL label requirements


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